Mercy for the Merciless



There are many troubles and issues that have arisen in our current age that causes feelings of hate, disgust, disdain or even wanting the death of others. I myself can think of a few – the atrocities and genocide committed by ISIS, the attacks on our world trade center, the mass shootings in Orlando, San Bernardino, Newtown, Aurora, etc.…

Jesus Christ is Himself! – On Making Christ to Order

Making Jesus to Order_001Working in a Church is probably one of the most interesting and crazy jobs a person can do. This unassuming job can on one day have you moving pianos, another day running off to give the Bishop important documents, another receiving calls from people of other faiths trying to “faith battle” you and even, on rare occasions, talking to people who think they or their family members are possessed.…

Cross my Heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my thigh: a post on Vaccines

Vaccines Post

“We must protect the HERD!!!” – Random Pro-Vaccinator

“VACCINES cause Autism!” – Random Anti-Vaccinator

“How was this MADE?!?!?!” – The Bearded Believer

Well well well. The great vaccine debate. Living in the jolly state of Caley-Four-Nigh-A, and being a parent to two adorable little kids, and with the recent scare of measles, or rather – MEASLES!!!!

An Internet Letter Post from your Faithfully Bearded Host

Dear Internet, Wow! It’s been forever since I talked with you! Let me start by saying sorry – what with everything going on in the Bearded Family’s life, I haven’t had time to give you morsel after morsel of delicious information about me and my family for you to feed upon and then regurgitate back to the random population of whoever-may-be-looking to surprise, delight, or (dare I say) even astound or – better yet – Astonish & Amaze them with my stories of the trials, tribulations, and achievements my weight loss and the weekly Bible readings by yours truly, the Bearded Believer.

5 Questions from Bianca

5-QuestionsWell, I guess it’s been a while since I posted and a lot has happened – more about that later folks. Bianca has just sent me a text message. It’s one of those tools you utilize when you run out of pen and paper, or if you in fact DO have pen and paper, it’s one of those tools you utilize when you have pen and paper, but do not know the best way to fold a paper airplane to reach your intended target.

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